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Beth Ostrosky Stern

"I love all the IntelliWHiTE products! They are so easy to use and keep my smile sparkling white!
There is nothing else like it!"

- Beth Ostrosky Stern

Celebrity TV Host, Author & Model

Dr Sam Rizk

"The IntelliWHiTE system Is the best whitening products out there! As a plastic surgeon my patients ask me about what to use to brighten their smile and I tell them IntelliWHiTE is the only thing to use! Its genius!"

- Dr Sam Rizk

Plastic Surgeon to the Stars

Lucie Ford

"Thanks sooo much for the pretty teeth!"

- Lucie

Ford Model

Beth Joy Knutsen

" I was always skeptical about using a teeth whitening product because of those messy strips. IntelliWHiTE is simple and safe to use and I am amazed at the results. I feel that I can smile big again with no worries about some staining that I had accumulated over the years. I highly recommend IntelliWhite to everyone as a new generation of easy-to-use and fantastic results in teeth whitening technology!"

- Beth Joy Knutsen

International TV Show Greatest American Dog

Lorenzo Borghese

"After using IntelliWHiTE my smile looks amazing! It is the simplest teeth whitening system out there...
and I saw results right away!!"

- Lorenzo Borghese

Celeb Reality Star and Creator Pet Grooming Line

Julia Szabo

"Dr. Jennifer Jablow is the best, most sought-after dentist in New York - and she's also the most caring and compassionate. Her patients leave her office looking and feeling great; now we can carry that high level of care around with us, in the form of her easy-to-use IntelliWhite tooth bleaching system. Dr. Jablow's fabulous product makes keeping teeth white as simple as clicking a pen - brilliant!"

- Julia Szabo

Author and New York Post Columnist

Mckenzie Westmore

"IntelliWhite is by far the greatest Whitening system I have ever used. Being on camera I need to have a bright smile but have always hesitated to use professional whiteners due to the pain. This is the first whitener that not only does the job but is pain-free! That for me made Intelliwhite worth every cent! Thank you Dr. Jablow for creating this product!!"

- Mckenzie Westmore

Soap Actress

"Dear IntelliWHITE Team,

I don't have enough words to express how impressed and delighted I am by your level of genuine customer service. It really has blown my mind.

The service industry has steadily deteriorated over the years and it's really hard to come by companies and individuals who are committed to and practice actual, authentic service. I'm so impressed and grateful to you for giving me this level of attention. I'm in the service industry as well with very high-end clients and your level of service has been truly high-end, something I had not been expecting."